What To Do When You Are Not Receiving Code To Register Jamb 2018.

So many Jamb 2018 candidates have been facing different issues creating jamb profile via sms method newly introduced by Jamb.

Meanwhile, I shall address the complaint below in this hot article:

“Hello sir! I dont have any issues with the above problem discussed (problem of sms sending failure). But I have sent my names to 55019 since on Monday and up till now no code have been send to me. I use Glo and SMS went fine. What could be the reason for no reply?”.

After my little research, I have been able to come out with the following solutions to address the issue at hand. The three recommendations below could just be your saving grace.

1. If you have MTN Line, you should use it and don’t make mistakes when leaving the space. Leave only one space after each name (Meaning that you should not put two spaces after your name, middle name and surname. Only one space is enough).

2. Enter your surname then first name and middle name and send to 55019 E.g: Adetola John Ifi then you send it to 55019

3. Ensure that you have enough airtime and your sim card can send and receive messages.

Follow the tips above and let me know if it solves your problem. Feel free to communicate with me using the comment box below.


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