Top ten most competitive course in Nigeria

There are lot of courses in Nigerian universities but some are more competitive than the other.
How do I know they are competitive? Simple! Take a look at the previous years cut off marks and
You will know what I’m talking about.

       Below are the list of competitive courses in Nigeria starting from the least course ;
10. BIOCHEMISTRY: This course is competitive, a lot of candidate prefer to choose this course, why?
Just  because they think  they  can cross over to medicine, Now you see why it is included.
9. COMPUTER SCIENCE : It is now longer a news that we are in the “computer world”. Candidate
choose this course because they believe that there are a lot of opportunities for the courses.
8. ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING: Everybody want to become an engineer one way or the other . As the world is moving fast, so as technology. A lot of opportunity are in engineering, sincerely.
7. POLITICAL SCIENCE: We all know what is going on in Nigeria politics, I should notbe telling you.
Everybody want to play politics one way or the other. In  Nigeria, there are a lot of opportunities
For those who know who (connections).
6. NURSING: Nurse, Nurse! The title sounds good to the ear right? Yeah. Most female candidates will fill in
for nursing , like 60% of them. Nursing is a good course in Nigeria. You don’t have to look for job before
you se one.
5. DENTITSRY AND DENTAL SURGERY : Due to the limited slot to this course in universities, There is high competition . What do i mean? For example OAU admit only 25 student in this course, UI admit only 40 while some other school admit 10 candidate. Now you should know for yourself.
4. AGRICULTURE: Lately, there have been rise in the cut off mark of any agriculture related courses which means that the number of students applying for these courses are increasing year after year.
3. Petrochemical Engineering: Everybody wants to work in CHEVRON, NNPC and so on, why? Maybe because of the huge salary and allowances since that is what students pursue. As a result of this, high number of students apply for this course want. LAW: We all what law means. It makes you a lawyer. 90% of art students apply for this course year after year. Maybe because of the respect they  earn from people, I just don’t know.
1. MEDICINE & SURGERY : 80% of the science students want to become doctors maybe because their parents wants them to be, or maybe  because of the respect and honour in the course. It shouldn’t be new to you anymore that medicine have the medicine have the highest cut off mark which means it is competitive.
Remember these list are from my research, that is why I clearly state reasons; so if you do agree or you feel the list is not complete. Then you can comment below with your reasons clearly stated.
I love your comments. It is highly welcome.


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