How to calculate your OAU screening point

Obafemi Awolowo university is one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria, because of these they look for means to admit the best out of the best.How? They do this by making the admission processes tedious for candidates.
Based on last year, Post UME was totally scraped by the FG and screening was introduced. This screening sometimes involves physical interview with Admission officers or it might involve analyzing and grading of both your WAEC  and JAMB result.
Based on my research, I discover that most candidates does not have full knowledge on the way candidates are been screened. To be specific, I will discus about OAU screening, how it was done last year and how it will be done this year.
1.       The number one thing you should know is that OAU only conduct online screening which means your presence is not needed in the school premises till your resumption day if admitted.
2.       OAU screening is based on 50:50 modality, which means 50% of your WAEC result and 50% of your JAMB result. Last year, when the screening was first announced, the screening modality was 70:30 i.e 70% from JAMB and 30% from WAEC result, I don’t know why they later change to 50:50, maybe because other schools were using 50:50 modeality, who knows.
3.       OAU will only analyse and grade your eight most relevant and necessary subjects from your result. They use point system to grade the subject, what do I means? I mean that A1=8points, B2=7points, B3=6points, C4=5points, C5=4points, C6=3points, D7=2points,E8=1point and F9=0point. You want to know how it is been calculated? Let me use an illustration;
            Mr A had the following WAEC result;
Mathematics-A1  =8pts
English Language-B3=6pts
Physics-B2 =7pts
Economics-B3 =6pts
Marketing-D7 =2pts
Further Mathematics –B3 =6pts
You will noticed that I put nine subjects, so you will have to select eight relevant and necessary  subjects. So Mr A decided not to add marketing and he summed up the eight subjects point which is;
8+6+4+5+7+6+3+6= 45pts
Then Mr A divided the result ehich is 45 by 64 and multiply by 50; like this
45/64*50= 35.2
That means Mr A have 35.2% out of 50% from his WAEC result.
4.       Now for the JAMB score, you will divide your score by 8; like this
Mr A got 280 in JAMB. Therefore 280/8 will give us 35% out of 50% of your JAMB score.
5.       Lastly , you add both the WAEC point and JAMB point together making it over 100% , like this;
35.2 +35= 70.2%
This means Mr A screening point is 70.2%. what next? Then you wait for the cut-off mark  to be released.
You still don’t understand then comment your WAEC result and JAMB score, I will help you to calculate your point and I will surely reply you back.


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